American Extinct Debt Rewards Bank
Refreshingly endowing. Rewards for overspending without concern.
Meet American Extinct, a new type of bank that rewards you for the debt you build. The Debt Reward Card goes everywhere you go and allows you to expand your debt into new realms.
Debt Rewards Program
American Extinct Debt Rewards Card

Debt Rewards™

American Extinct Debt Rewards™

Why work when you can build a diverse portfolio of toxic debt? With every purchase we compound your interest rate and once you reach your limit we sell the balance off to a third party allowing you to take our golden parachute package option. Unlike other cards that make you jump through hoops to earn rewards, the American Extinct Debt Rewards card is simple. Earn .05% increased interest rate on all purchases. No limit to the amount of interest you can accumulate and it won't expire as long as you're alive. The rewards can even be passed onto your family members.

Limited time offer. Get $45,000 dollars of debt automatically added to your account after qualifying transaction(s).

debt check No Annual Fee†

debt check 25% Introductory APR‡ offer (See Details)

debt check No Liability Guarantee means less financial responsibility†‡

Debt Rewards

Earn debt reward points towards the acquisition of added debt. The more you spend the more you are rewarded.

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Generational Debt

Enjoy life long debt that you can feel confident about passing down to your children.

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Debt Rewards Program